Growing up, I can recall like yesterday the smell of fresh black coffee circulating through my moms old house.

She would yell up the stair case at my sister Alyssa and I to wake up for the school day.

The first time with her sleepy mom voice. “Guys time to wake up”. I would pry my eyes open and be greeted with the smell of greatness.

Still didn’t mean I was getting up though.

The second time she would holler up at us her coffee had for sure kicked in.

This time she was much more energetic. If we were lucky enough, she would sing us a good morning tune that went a little something like this. “Wake up! Wake up! Make your day be bright and shiny. Get off your little hiney. Do do do do do. Do do do do do. Do do do do do do do!”

If by this time if we hadn’t marched our school clothed and ready butts down those rickety stairs, our coffee fueled no more mister nice guy mom came out.

If I have to tell either of you two to get up again I’m going to come up there and physically pull your lazy selves out of those beds!!!! And if I happen to break my back in the process remember you will be stuck taking care of me one day. Plus..if you miss the bus, you’re walkin”.

Okay!!! We’re up!!!!

I would stumble my way down to the kitchen, grab a bowl of Cheerios, douse them with sugar, and stair at the morning news showing on our living room TV.

Mom was always in her PJs covered with a handmade quilt sipping on a cup of coffee and flipping through the Effingham paper.

One morning I decided to give that coffee stuff a try. She basically was drinking it daily by the gallon, so it’s got to be good right?

Wrong! It was bitter and blazing hot. I burned my tongue so bad I recall it even blistered.

Yuck. Why on earth do people drink this stuff?

Years later as most of you know now I decided to become a nurse. Specifically a night shift nurse.

I often question why I choose to put my body through the exhaustion of night shift, but then I remember that God chose a job for each of us to do and we should do it to the best of our ability.

Plus there is this thing called seniority. Gotta put those years in to earn that day shift position.

Eventually after suffering to make it through a few very dangerously tiring night shifts, I decided to give coffee another try.

When I first started out drinking the stuff I wouldn’t even really call it coffee. 90% creamer and 10% coffee. It was more like a treat from Dairy Queen then it was coffee let’s be honest.

I’ve managed to wean myself down to a tablespoon of creamer over the last few years.

Now I’m at the point where I can pour a cup, splash some water to cool it down, and there you have it.

Black oh so good, serving a remarkable purpose, COFFEE.

I now repeat the cycle of waking my own children for school.

Coffee in hand. Mom voice, then coffee energetic voice, and last resort get you damn butt out of bed voice.

There are days where my coffee is a necessity and days were it’s a luxury.

Either way. God Bless Coffee.

Modern Day Mom 101

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