What Your Labor Nurse Wants You To Know

“Are you worried about getting a big old baby out of a little bitty hole?

Not exactly what a first time mom expects to hear from their OBGYN when they are 40+ weeks prego and discussing an induction.

You know what though. That was EXACTLY what was on my mind.

SERIOUSLY!! How in the heck am I going to do this???

Your lady parts are about be stretched to the size of a dang grapefruit. And who likes grapefruit anyways? NOT ME!

If you haven’t went into labor by 41 weeks your doctor now considers it MEDICALLY necessary to induce for post dates.

Knowing already it was the safest option due to all the horror stories the opinionated lady in Walmart recently laid on ya, you gracious accept.

You are officially scheduled and there is no turning back. That baby has to come out one way or another!

So it’s the night of your induction. Before heading out the door you grab your bags that are packed with enough items to get you through a week long camping trip and break a sweat securing those pain in the rear metal clips to your fresh out of the box Chicco car seat.

You shut the front door behind you, wish your cat farewell, and take one last look around knowing you’re leaving as a family of two to return as a family of three.

Life as you knew it will never be the same.

Upon arriving to the hospital you are wheeled up to the unit where you are greeted by your Labor Nurse. Fingers crossed she’s friendly.

After getting naked and changing into a worn in hospital gown, you climb into the cold bed with a puppy pad under your bare bottom, and wait for whats to come. At this point your modesty has officially went out the window!

I remember thinking, I don’t have a clue what’s to come. Heck even now after having three kids my mind has created a mental block from each experience.

There is no better preparation for what’s to come than positive affirmations, trusting your body knows what to do, and remembering at the end of the day that the big man above is in control.

You may be wondering why your doctor didn’t go into full detail of what’s happening to you now, but honestly it’s because there are so many different scenarios of how things could go down with each moms birth.

So listen up. That nurse of yours is your hot line to success. She has seen it all. Questions please!

Once that baby is in your arms and you lock eyes you will wish you hadn’t stressed so much. Enjoy the process. Realize no matter the type of birth you have you are a super woman to go through what you just did!

Give yourself a pat on the back, enjoy your late night Steak N Shake Frisco melt, and soak that gloriously new baby smell up.

You are officially a momma. Good work my friend.

Modern Day Mom 101