Thanksgiving Blessings

Traditions and routines. Sometimes we grow up and go our entire lives not even realizing why we do something a certain way. You might hear, “It’s just how it’s always been done”. “I never really thought about it, that’s just how I’ve done it.”

I hear this a lot at work. It’s hard to break from what we know because well let’s be honest, no one likes change. No one wants to fall flat on their face and have to get back up for all to witness.

Is it because we fear looking incompetent? We don’t want to show others our weak side?

Can you imagine if all the people who have went before us never wanted to try something new? Feared failure and ridicule SO MUCH they chose to let things stay the same.

This same concept applies to how we live our everyday lives outside of our paid jobs. Tradition tells us these imaginary guidelines to follow on how to live our lives.

We fear straying from the norm in case we could potentially be seen as odd or not normal. How ever you want to classify it.

Let this soak in.

I’ve lived my entire adult life thinking I made just an average income. My husband and I make enough to afford our monthly mortgage, have nice vehicles to get around, support ourselves and our children with food/clothing/ and all the daily essentials, and maybe have enough set aside to take a vacation at the end of the year. I will tell you by no means have I ever seen myself as rich.

How could I see us as rich when we don’t have millions of dollars stashed in our bank accounts or have people waiting on us hand and foot?

Then I read a book about a man from an underdeveloped country who sold himself and his 8 year old son into slavery so he could pay for his wives medical treatments. $80.00 is what his son went for. Yes slavery is still a thing outside the US.

$80.00! What it takes to fill up my car a week! My sons monthly pre-school tuition! An hour massage and pedicure! What some may pay to have a housekeeper come to their house every week! $80.00

Made me take a good hard look at how I am living my life. How in America one of our first questions we ask people who we meet is, “What do you do for a living?” When in all reality we are merely asking, “How much is your yearly gross income?”

Oh do I despise this question.

I think it’s about time we break tradition. Steer from your daily routines and get out of your bubble.

This past month since becoming a reborn again Christian, I have taken a good look at how I was living my life. Evaluating my daily routines. Seeing what I deemed as important.

To be honest, I’m sure a lot of you have done the same lately after the tragic incident that happened in Vandalia.

Unfortunately, many of us will feel the pain of this loss and will gradually go back to living our same selfish lives. Spending money on senseless purchases. Using our precious hours on activities that are of no benefit to us in our eternal home.

I will end this rant with this. Today I am thankful that God never gave up on me! (Listen to Zack Williams- Rescue Story, you won’t regret it) I’m thankful for all the people in my life who spoke his word never fearing being ridiculed. The ones who God perfectly placed in my life to get me to where I am today. You know who you are! Oh man do I appreciate you!!

Don’t stop preaching his word. Even when you feel people don’t want to hear it, say it anyways. It may take months, years, heck even decades, but your only hope is that one day it will pay off! And before it is too late.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Happy Thanksgiving Brothers and Sisters! Break the tradition. Switch up your routine. God won’t let you down.

Jesus is What’s Up

Each year my birthday comes and goes. Years are passing quickly and many memories are made. Some good. Some bad. Regardless they are still all memories.

This may be the most important birthday I’m going to celebrate in my 28 years here on this earth.

You want to know why?

I’ve finally let Jesus into my life. I mean really let him in.

Now that I’m finally seeing the light I look back to all the times in my life he was trying to get me to lean on him.

He was always there. It’s just, I wanted to be in control. Here’s the thing though. We can’t be.

When we finally throw our hands up and scream, “I give up!” When we FINALLY recognize he is in charge and allow him to direct us to our purpose here, miracles begin to happen.

Doesn’t mean we won’t still experience heartbreak. Sure doesn’t mean we won’t still continue to sin. We are only human. It just means excepting that Jesus is our savior will allow us to grow in our faith and that’s when we start to really get it.

Let’s face it. This is not our eternal home. Do you ever get signs telling you it isn’t? Us humans always thrive for more. More money. More power. More fame. More likes. Even if we get what we were asking for, we still aren’t happy. We bargain for just a little bit more. Each time getting what we wanted and yet we still aren’t content.

Some of you will be annoyed hearing this. Some of you will think to yourselves about time Abby. Others will continue to search for his love, overlook it, and will eventually come to realize it was with you the whole time.

Finding Jesus isn’t something anyone can do for you. Your spouse can’t. Your parents can’t. Your Pastor can’t. Only you.

When you finally find his love I hope you testify it to all who surround you. To the ones you love. To the ones you just see in passing. Even to those who hurt you.

I used to think people who lived by his word and spoke highly of him were “Bible Thumpers”. How hypocritical of me to think that way? They are all only trying to find their purpose and give him praise for all his glory!

With all this being said it doesn’t mean I won’t still continue to sin. It doesn’t mean I won’t still feel anger, fear, frustration, and heartache. Again, I’m only human.

The difference between a Christian and a Non-Christian is that as Christians we have Jesus to lean on. We never have to walk through this life alone. When we finally acknowledge that, it’s a beautiful day friends.

Truly a beautiful day.

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