Always Running Late

As long as I can remember I’ve been a last minute kind of girl. If I’m not frantically running in late wherever I’m arriving to then honestly you should be probably be concerned.

Often times I get upset that this is my personality. I try to give myself mental pep talks. “Get your shit together Abby”. “Do you really want everyone staring in annoyance as you come running in all out of breath again?”

Old habits die hard and for me this couldn’t be anymore true.

Last Sunday I had full intentions to get up and take my family to church. After waking up more times than I wanted to count with my teething seven month old, I decided to shut my alarm off that I had set for 6:30am that morning. “Listen God I know you would love to have me worship this morning, but I’m exhausted. I’m just going to sleep in and praise you in my pjs okay???”

I laid my head back down too tired to feel guilty over the decision I had made quite yet and fell back asleep. Only I was awoken thirty minutes later by what I can only imagine was Jesus knocking at my door. “Nope! Not going to happen. I want you there tired and all. Get those kids up and sit your butt in church!”

Realizing I had thirty minutes to get myself and my two boys up, dressed, and out the door I went into my lets do this mode.

My husband who knows me better than anyone pipped up and said, “It’s not going to happen. No way you will be ready.”

Challenge accepted.

Honestly when I am given a short time to get something done that’s when I tend to THRIVE. I would like to think I’m pretty good at multitasking and this was just another typical example of when I can do more than I ever imagined when I set my mind to it.

So I’m hustling room to room. Wiping foundation on my face with one hand and grabbing items for the diaper bag with the other. Mental checklists being made for all the other items I need to entertain the baby and rushing to brush teeth plus figure out what to feed ourselves on the ride there. After strapping everyone in the car and running back inside the house two more times for last minute must haves I’m in the drivers seat ready to go.

By the grace of God I manage to have us all decently put together and to the car in 35 minutes top. Maybe a few minutes late, but we WILL Be there.

Honestly I don’t enjoy being late. Often times I talk myself out of showing up to certain places for fear of what others may think of me and my bad time management skills.

I once had the wrong time wrote down for a friends wedding and showed up two hours late as they were taking pictures. She didn’t see me, but to this day she probably is curious as to why I didn’t show. Kylie if you are reading this, I was there. You looked beautiful by the way!

Anyways we made it! Ten minutes late I must add but we were there. You know what? I didn’t care that I was late. You know who else didn’t care? Jesus.

That service was EXACTLY what I needed to uplift me from all my earthly struggles. I realized then no one is perfect. Every single person sitting down in church that morning has a battle they are fighting. Whether it was seen to the public like mine or burred deep within them we all have struggles.

So yes I totally stink at time management, but when you look at the big picture I’m actually pretty good at getting a lot of tasks accomplished in a little amount of time. At least this is what I’m going to continue to tell myself.

Anyways that’s all for now. I’m late to wake up my daughter for her Halloween dress up day!

Like I said.

Some habits die hard.

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