You guys. I’m going to be honest. I’m struggling these days.

At my job. At motherhood. At being a good wife, friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, cook, housekeeper, worshiper, you name it.

After a stressful week I thought all my problems would be solved by taking my $1,000 iPhone and throwing it down on our concrete garage floor in a moment of rage. The same phone that my husband and I just scrapped by to finally pay off after two years of making monthly payments.

Concrete floor-1. iPhone-0.

Did it make me feel better?

Maybe for a split second. Then reality hit.

Crap. I love my phone. Why did I do that?

My husband walked across the garage to get it, taps on the screen that is no longer turning on and replies, “Did that make you feel big?”

To be totally honest in that moment, I had never felt more small.

Life. It happens. You can’t wake up and act as if someone pissed in your cheeros in the mornings.

Well you can, but it won’t do you much good I’ll tell ya that.

So with all the negativity I’ve had harvesting in my brain I decided to do something nice for myself and purchase a daily women’s devotional.

I opened it up to October 8th and it was as if this page was created JUST for me.

It was titled, Resentment Is Poisonous.

Forgive and let go. You will be the first to benefit from it.

I also was reading a women’s blog about listening to someone’s advice and actually following through with what they are suggesting. Not just ask and blow them off because you don’t want to actually do anything about what ever problems you are facing.

We are guilty of it.

You know what happened tonight?

A co-worker reached out to me completely unexpectedly. She just wanted to check in.

I laid it out to her that I’m struggling and it’s time to Unplug and Pray, but I don’t know where to start.

She said you need to give it to God! Start with Thanksgiving…praising God for who He is, what he does, etc…the sunrise & sunsets, food, your job, transportation, your 3 Beautiful, healthy kids, a loving supportive husband. Ask him to search you and know your heart..the scripture…He loves for you to pray scripture to Him. His word will not return void. Pray for others… Do some scripture memorization. Then practice it, pray it , teach your kids. I pray when driving , showering, when Im alone and can really focus mostly.

It’s my goal now to follow through with this advice.

All those diets I start, gym memberships I purchase to never get much use out of, and Apps I download to become more financially savvy.

They all seem so small compared to the advice I received tonight.

God Bless you guys.

God Bless.

Modern Day Mom 101

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