Imagine being thrown overboard into the deep blue with your hands tied behind your back and a 35 lb cinder block to your ankles.

Unable to escape from the reality you are facing. Death drawing near. No hope. A sure state of despair.

In a matter of seconds the weight of the cinder block will cause you to be pulled down deeper and deeper.

Your lungs, from the moment you came forth from your mothers womb until now, have been exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. Yet now, sinking deeper into this tragic pit of despair, one is in a state where it is physically unable to function.

The lungs that once breathed the precious oxygen will now begin to build up with the toxic carbon dioxide that has no where to go. The clock is ticking as they hold their breath.

Seconds pass as they then realize they have no other choice but to suck the water into their lungs where they will begin to flood their respiratory system. Putting it in a state of panic where it is no longer able to maintain a proper state of homeostasis.

The body will begin to shut down. Soon leading to death of the physical body.

As this person, this body is dying, I can’t help but think about what view of life they have chosen to accept.

I myself a bystander unable to help, seeing that I’m tied up as well waiting to be thrown overboard not too longer after witnessing their own tragic death.

Reality is this. No one can run from the fact that death is awaiting each one of us. Some face death much sooner, from our human standpoint, than others. Some face death in a more “tragic” way than others. As if we truly believe that their is a peaceful way for our body to no longer function.

I guess it may appear this way. But again reality is, death is death. The painful moments that leads up to it, more tragic than others yes, but death is all but the same in the end.

If one chooses to believe that their life is nothing more than a collection of vast moving nerve cells, then they have chosen for themselves an evolutionary world view. Viewing life as a matter of chance, rather than it being perfectly spoke into existence by a Creator.

However I have chosen to look at life through a different view. Realizing that nothing can create something, I acknowledge that my conscious is the power of my own self awareness and moral judgement to do what is right.

If I realize that there is a right and a wrong way to be a moral human being, than I acknowledge that their is a law holding me accountable to these standards.

Without this law, life would be immoral. Making the evolutionary humanism view of life acceptable for myself to believe true.

But this isn’t the case. My heart tells me otherwise. I see that life is to be valued. I agree that murder is wrong, but why do I choose to believe that? If life is nothing more a matter of chance itself, then why would my heart tell me to cherish it so much?

I refuse to acknowledge that it is my brain that brings me joy in life. That makes me value life and the beauty of the earth that which I live on. My children, such a precious gift, are more to me than just memories that will one day never cease to exist. This my friends is just not so.

Those who commit wrongful acts are not “sick” in their brains, it is their hearts that need to be cleansed from all unrighteousness. No human can do this for someone. It is God, our Creator that makes this possible through our own awareness for the need to repent. God is who forgives us when we repent, even when humans will continue to have a different view of us based on our past decisions and behavior.

As humans, we see the need for a judge to punish individuals for wrongful acts. That defines a good judge. Punishing a person for the crimes they commit. No matter how small or large from a human standpoint they may be, there are consequences for our actions.

If a judge didn’t hold us accountable, he wouldn’t be viewed as a good judge. Morally we are held accountable for our wrongdoings, but if you begin to remove a moral law then my friends you have a humanism view of life.

Which is a dark world of life without a Creator. Life without laws. Life with consequences.

I am created in the image of my Creator. Therefore I choose to imitate Him, morally and intellectually.

More importantly though, spiritually.

If you are thrown overboard, what view of life have you chosen to accept for your very existence?

That life is a matter of chance which leads to nothing?

Or rather that life is to be cherished, having faith in what’s to come, that which has been promised to us by God through His Son Jesus Christ.


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