Our home smells of fresh coffee. It’s 1pm and after a late night tending to the needs of our youngest son who’s battling an illness, oh how this warm cup in my hand is a small blessing. A pick me up to keep me moving in the direction I am supposed to be.

When illness strikes our home, I am not helpless. The Lord is near to the broken hearted. Even during grueling fevers and the pains that present with them, I am in constant prayer and praise to my Lord.

Praying that He never leaves my side, but sees me through. As He will, because He keeps His promises. He is trustworthy and the solid rock which I now stand.

What delight I take in knowing that despite the reality I am facing. I have Christ living in me! It is He who helps me tend to these children He has placed in my care. Left to myself, I am broken. I am hopeless. But because of Him who supplies me with all knowledge and strength, I can confidently cry out in the dark, “The Lord is near.”

Praise still flows freely, for I know it is the Lord who places these trials before me. I am grateful for each obstacle He sets in my path, but I do not always respond with joy. At times I question His plan. I question what He is doing. But my friends, it is not our job as mere mortals to question the paths of the all knowing Lord. He who spoke all things into existence has great plans for those He loves. We must have faith that He is truly working all things out for our good.

A glorious future He has awaiting His people. One beyond human understanding where the pains of the flesh and the tears of our fallen sinful hearts will no longer consume us. No more sorrow, but rather pure everlasting joy.

How I long for the day where I will stand face to face with my Creator. The one who spoke all things into life. The one who formed me in my mothers womb. The one who knew the moment I would be born physically into world and the one who knew the moment I would repent of my sins calling upon His Son and be born again spiritually into His Heavenly kingdom.

If this all sounds foreign to you, know that it once did to me as well.

Before Christ, I fought my battles alone. When a trial was set before me I would walk away beaten by the enemy I was facing. Time might heal the wounds, but the scars were forever on my heart. Being carried around with me like a weight that I couldn’t take off. Each road I took the weight would get heavier until the moment came where I could physically go no further.

God met me right where I was. Heading on the road with the pride of my own heart, He rescued me with the blood of His Son Jesus. He came to bring His lost sheep back to Him. I heard His voice and I ran to Him without hesitation.

What seems like scales fell from my own eyes. Every broken path I had once taken I saw He was with me, but those paths had purpose. They all lead me to Him.

I am no longer a mindless wanderer of the earth. I have Gods Word to lead me to all paths of righteousness and He will guide me always to the truth. Those who seek Him with all their heart will find the door of eternal life.

Friends if you haven’t heard the voice of the Lord calling you, you must listen to His message. Repent of your sins and cry out to the one who alone can save. The one who alone can give you eyes to see and ears to hear. The Good Shepherd is gathering all His Sheep into one pen. He went on ahead and is preparing a place where we will glorify Him and be able to enjoy Him forever.

Respond to His Call. He will free you from the weight you are carrying. He bore those sins you couldn’t cover yourself. Jesus paid it all and all to Him alone you truly owe. What Joy this will bring.

Jesus. Now He is one we should be forever thankful for this season.


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